Be Well

Because that is what you were born to be!

What IS being well?

Being well is a state that we all yearn to be in.  It is a state in which we feel fulfilled with our current life as it is.  We feel capable of facing obstacles and finding our way through the maze of life.  Being in this state makes us want to get out of bed in the morning with a sense of purpose. Day after day after day after day!  It sounds very simple.  Doesn’t it? Then why can’t most of us feel that?  Because it is simple, but not easy. Why? Because it is a state that we get to when our life’s purpose gets aligned with our daily activities.  As most of us have no clue as to what our life’s purpose IS, our daily activities and choices get out-of-whack with what we are supposed to do. This creates a chasm between what we are doing and what we yearn to be doing.  The bigger that chasm, the bigger our anxieties, our restlessness and our feverishness.

Here are my indicators to assess if we are on the right track for what we were born to do:

  • We are productive AND creative to our hearts’ content (and make enough money doing what we do if we so choose to). We are under no pressure to be stuck in anything we don’t want to be in.
  • Our relationships are fulfilling.  This could include great family, awesome friends and much more.  Our community loves and respects us.
  • Our time is filled with exactly the right mixture of what we want to do and with whom we want to be. We somehow keep on making all the right choices.
  • We really want to get out of bed day after day after day after day!  We truly feel free to follow our inside voice!

If we are straying from the right track, we will feel some (or many) of the above pieces have been missing for quite some time.  In that case we need to pay attention…all the stresses, the worries, the dis-eases, the relationship issues, scarcities, fears and doubts are SIGNALS that our life’s purpose is calling us back to the track – to our BEING WELL state.


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