Be Well

Because that is what you were born to be!

New Pastures Beyond!


You are leaving home

for new pastures beyond.


I can see the anticipation in your eyes,

and feel the restlessness of your dreams.

This youthful energy you have

to meet the world that you have not seen.


As you embark on these travels,

what can I help you pack?

I can only offer my reflections

as I look back.




Don’t imitate others

and follow their dreams.

You yourself are precious,

just follow your own moonbeams.


Take some time to reflect

on your own life so far,

notice where you found your peace,

and where you felt you were at war.

Then carefully gather the gems

that got you fulfilled,

that felt true to your self

and made you complete.


Let your decency, humility

and goodness of heart,

be the silk on which these gems lie

as a piece of art.

In the richness of your character,

in the depths of who you are –

let your talents take roots

and give you a head start.


I can’t promise you wealth, fame or success.

The truth is – you will meet many moments of duress.

But as you navigate through the maze of your life,

be decent, be humble and be heartful through all the strife.


The world awaits you to share your treasure –

if you do it with gentleness and kindness,

you’ll have a life full of joys

that are without measure.



You are leaving home

for new pastures beyond.


PS:  Don’t forget to eat three healthy meals daily, get enough sleep, exercise and go for regular dental checkups.


6 thoughts on “New Pastures Beyond!

  1. Beautifully put Kusum, you have a way with words. You are good parent to bid adieu and allow your wonderful son to follow his dreams keeping all the values that have been carefully cultivated. He is a fine young man and he will do very well wishing him all the best !!

  2. Great
    So true and nicely put in words

  3. Kusum, Beautifully written. Wish Anav the very best!
    The words in the PS section are the heartfelt wishes/worries of a mom:)

    • Thanks Savitha!! The PS section, I agree, has a different degree of a mom’s worries/fears. 😃 Having said that, wouldn’t you agree that the world we live in is in dire need of good decent humane people? That’s where that sentiment came from, Hope all is well!

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