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The Question!

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imagesSometime ago,

we were shocked.

And then we were scared.

As our holy grounds

of civil discourse,

even civic dignity and decency,

were not spared.


Over time, our fear

has turned into anger.

Our disagreements

are louder and have

dissolved into rancor.

It’s as if we have stumbled into a mirror,

and are horrified by what we get to see.

Not really sure if it’s a mirage,

or is that our true reality?


Our institutions seem corrupt,

media appears irresponsible.

Our leaders are rudderless,

our friends, our own friends,


We are on unsure grounds

and crave for ‘our’ certainty.

Because if the other side wins,

we are sure,

we will languish for eternity!!!


On this election eve,

what can we do?


We could draw a line in sand

because we are starting to grate.

We have reached our limits of

what we can tolerate.

Or we could pretend,

that nothing has changed.

I am, as usual, on the right side,

while they need to evolve

because they are deranged.


But as we stand here on this scary eve,

completely aghast and full of disbelief.

Let’s pause for a minute,

and reflect and try to see.

What have I missed? What have I ignored?

Why is the other half of the country,

so adamant and so different from me?


Maybe we will discover,

a new way to look at things.

Or hear a bell that we didn’t tune into

but is real, is here, and it surely rings.

Our friends of all hues with

different politics than ours,

may open the doors

to what is alien to us and all that jars.


After tomorrow, can we peek out of our camps,

our convictions and our ideologies?

Because if we don’t –

Do we really have a prayer

of taking care of our country

and all its pathologies?




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