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Can We?

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It’s noisy in my head today.People_Beach2-960x250

It was the same yesterday, and

the day before. I am tired of all

this clutter from the news around.


As the shining star on the hill is changing its hues,

Many are feeling that they are not paid their dues.

Harsh winds of global change don’t seem to stop,

Folks are getting tired, waiting for more shoes to drop.

There is yearning for being safe and strong,

And a desire to reclaim the past before it’s gone.

At this moment of uncertainty, masses are afraid,

They want to be sure, they want to be ‘great’.

There comes along a man who has pulsed their fear,

He promises to protect them from changes far and near.


It makes sense to listen to and follow this man.

He speaks with confidence,

even if he doesn’t share any plan.

His swagger and forthrightness is new and bold,

He follows no rules and doesn’t do what he is told.

His opponent is blah, she does not want to disrupt.

She also comes across as staid and corrupt.

The choice seems to be between somebody who is direct

And the lady who has always been politically correct.


But what is so different this time around?


The man is bold but unsavory and uncouth.

He does not inspire and keeps changing his truth.

He can’t help but threaten, divide and denigrate,

Shows no desire to compromise, just alienate.

He chews on the fear and thumps his chest

All I see around him is a lot of hate-fest.

I am scared to see when his die-hard fans are let loose

They are ready to hang their opponent in a noose.

They don’t want to tolerate any dissent,

They are giddy with rage on their ascent.


The other side is faring only a tad bit better,

Some are still angry and quite a bit bitter.

Booing the lady and calling her names

Is not going to help anybody win any games.

The currency of entitlement seems to be in

As all disagreements manage to get under their skin.

Pouting and sulking may be a way to get attention,

But it is wasted energy at best,

and at worst, a source of unnecessary tension.


Our kids are watching us on how we engage,

I am embarrassed by the public discourse of my age.

We need to call a time-out and put ideologies aside,

The politics and policy will have to subside.

Before we disagree on Supreme Court nominees

or redraw the map of foreign allies and enemies,

Let’s pause and see what is happening to us –

We are all oozing intolerance like some pus.

We are unfriending friends and burying into our cocoon,

Hoping that closing our ears may turn out to be a boon.

Instead, can we just tone down our volumes and become a little sane?

We cannot find clarity from a hate filled plane.

Before we vote on any issues or take any stands,

Can we agree to graduate from pre-K

And, for a few minutes, just hold our hands?


One thought on “Can We?

  1. A voice of reason…thank you, my friend. ❤

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