Be Well

Because that is what you were born to be!

This Thanksgiving!


images-1Celebrate with gusto, this Thanksgiving,

your every success, your every win.

You have yearned for it, you have earned it,

reaping the fruits of your

hard labor is no sin.


Close your eyes, this Thanksgiving,

with deep gratitude for your health.

A gift from gods of youth, in time,

may turn out to be

your most precious wealth.


Stop and smile, this Thanksgiving,

for friendly faces in your life.

These angels have made you laugh,

whether you were soaring high

or meddling through strife.


Hold your loved ones’ hands, this Thanksgiving,

with tender warmth and care.

Open your heart to them,

for they lay beside you

when your wounds were raw and bare.


But wait…


Add one more guest, this Thanksgiving,

to be thanked around your table.

One who has always been ignored,

never acknowledged,

but has been with you since cradle.


It’s you. Yes…YOU!




It’s sacreligious, you say, this Thanksgiving,

to thank myself when it’s time to bow to others.

It’s selfish, even foolish,

not to say, egotistical,

even if I could muster up the druthers.


Get anchored in yourself, this Thanksgiving,

I urge, have an honest look at you.

Nothing needs changing or fixing,

for your life is what it is

simply because you are you.


Mix humility with boldness, this Thanksgiving,

play with all of your abilities.

Share your sparks, spread your joys,

and make our world richer, yes,

even with your fragilities.


Meet yourself gently, this Thanksgiving,

and let the magic unfold.

If you are at ease with your own grace and beauty,

your gratitude will flow

in measures untold.



2 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving!

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous – thank you!

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