Be Well

Because that is what you were born to be!



Here is comfortable, soothing and warm.

Vivid, colorful and safe from any storm.

There, on the other hand,

is confusing and blurred,

riddled with questions,

where murky thoughts are stirred.

Here, I think, I can control,

there, conjures up

visions of a black hole.

I like the familiarity of now and here,

don’t really want to go from here to there.


But there comes along

like an uninvited guest.

It makes me jump hoops

and go from test to test.

I try on the new world

with effort and care,

but I don’t like this place

of being neither here nor there.

It is unnerving

to not know where I stand,

I yearn for stability

in this shifting sand.


I get busy with turning

my chaos into order,

creating an art piece

with a picture and a neat border.

Some new pieces don’t fit in,

I put them on the side.

Memories still haunt,

I take that in my stride.


Fresh routines start to set in,

new people come around.

I start to find my feet

and can feel the ground.

Anxiety starts to fade

and joys seep in,

life restarts to take shape,

focus and color creep in.

Fog starts to lift,

I begin to see

I am in the same enchanting forest

but had been clinging to one tree.


As I look back on my travels

from here to there,

a fascinating idea

is laid out bare.

This journey of life

is never from here to there,

it always has been

from one here to another here.


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Amazing, Kusum. Beautiful words!

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