Be Well

Because that is what you were born to be!

Welcome Home!

Welcome home to my life-coaching site!  I use the term ‘home’ with a hope that you feel at ease to explore, unwind and nourish yourself as you peruse these pages.

What is life-coaching? 

I consider life-coaching to be a tool with which I help you align your life with your inner wisdom so that you have an improved sense of wellbeing.

Who needs a life-coach?

If you catch yourself  in any of the following situations, it might be worth exploring life-coaching as a tool to help you nudge in the right direction.

  • Feeling a void in your life and can’t articulate what it is – ”I have a wonderful life but feel I am missing ‘something’.”
  • Feeling stuck in a situation (personal or professional or a combination). “I don’t like my job/profession/situation but don’t know what to do about it.”
  • Feeling lost in a geographical/professional/personal/life-event transition. Examples are job-relocation, job redefinition, entering a new life-stage (empty-nester, parenting a teenager etc.).
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by events in your life!!!!



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